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Hello!, I'm Adriana

Adriana Calero

I'm based in Mérida, Mexico and with +13 years of experience doing makeup, I truly love my job. I have had the most amazing clients, experiences and learning paths, always following the main goal of making the best out of each individual experience. 


As a mantra, I like to live by “When you feel well, you look amazing”, taking it from my personal and professional life. This allows me to hear and read with attention my client's ideas and worries, and work very close to their expectations to make them feel the best way possible and create great shared experience.


I’ve always had a magnetic attraction towards beauty, exploring the different concepts of beauty and how it makes its way through makeup. For me, doing makeup is not just about applying products upon the skin. I believe it needs a connection with the idea, the people and background I'm working on so it has a meaningful purpose. 


Throughout the years, I’ve found out my own voice in what I do, I’ve become confident about my skills and strengths and worked with them; I’ve also understood my flaws and worked twice as hard to eradicate them thus making this career a never-ending growth path, both personal and professional.

Now, at 30, I manage a successful destination-wedding bussines that makes me feel fulfilled as an artist and a person while another sides of my job have taken me to exciting places and opportunities with people that I admire, where I've come to grow and understand my artistry. 

Adriana Calero trabajando
Adriana Calero en una sesión de fotos
Adriana Calero trabajando con Aleks Syntek
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