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Bridal Beauty ASSISTANT
Beauty sessions with spark

As a makeup artist, my mission is to keep you comfortable and fresh while looking spectacular on such special day.


Being a destination makeup artist lets me discover more about myself with each job I do. I get to know people from all over the world and make a bond that as short or long it can be, it will be Meaningful. 


What I call home, is a paradise, and it has its perks. Yucatán is a hot (and very humid) spot for destination weddings nowadays, its closeness to Tulum and Cancun gives easy access worldwide, and its magical ambient in the mayan jungle and venues filled with history (and coolness) has let me develop my business as a destination wedding makeup artist. There I have a crew, more than a family by now, that will be the hands and talent for your guests while I attend my clients and their family+friends. 

Doing my job at home or somewhere in the world means everything to me, it's what I defined as a milestone that until today I can not believe it has come true.

So, let me share this dream with you. Be part of my crew and hve an experience that will leave you with a smile and a warm memory, Become the bride that you always imagine to be.

My signature as a makeup artist is taking your essence and make even brighter to the outside.

Since I can remember, I've always had a special bond doing makeup; but when my turn doing my friends makeup for their weddings started to happen, I fell deeper in love with what I do.

Soon enough, I turned out to be doing one or two steps more than just applying makeup. That's where my project as a Bridal Beauty Assistant comes to life.

As your BBA, I will make sure that the process of getting the look and vibe that you want becomes a reality, and not an overwhelming process.  I'll be with you before, during and after your beauty session on your wedding if you'll have me as a counselor, moodboard planner, option settler, makeup and hair shadow during the event. 

What a Bridal Beauty Assistant has to offer?



Shadow work on the wedding

Touch up

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